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The Lotus Outreach is expanding our programs this season!

Want to volunteer?

Do you have a talent? Sing, play an instrument, dance, juggle, tumble, 

anything entertaining?

Can you read out loud to an individual or a group?

Do you like to play checkers, simple card games, chess?

Would you like to bring a smile to someone’s face just because you spent a few minutes with them and ask about their day?

Survive the 9 - 5



The Lotus Outreach's newest class for anyone and everyone!!

Do you sit all day?

 Do you need a good stretch after yesterday's workout? Do you move everyday but not get full range of motion? 

Come try it you will like it!! 




All Outreach classes are no charge.

Donations are appreciated but not required.

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Do you have a talent you would like to share in Outreach performances?  Contact us we would love to talk to you.

The Lotus Outreach

3752 Pleasant Plains Road, Matthews, North Carolina 28104, United States


About Us


Our Mission

The Lotus Outreach is a nonprofit   organization that aims to educate and equip volunteer performers of dance,   music and art to share those talents with audiences who will benefit   emotionally and physically while experiencing heartfelt entertainment.     


How We Accomplish our Mission

  • Lotus   provides a variety of dance and music performances as well as artistic   expression to our audiences on site.   
  • Our student dance performers are   provided with professional, fun and innovative dance training and   choreography.   
  • Our performances and art projects   serve to educate and destigmatize the physical and psychological conditions   that can interfere with one's ability to fully enjoy life.   
  • We create awareness of the   struggles of others, oneself and the world around us through dance, music and   art performances that are composed and choreographed specifically for our   audiences.       
  • We encourage and create interactive   audience participation opportunities during our performances making the most   of our time together.      

Why we do it


Music, Dance and Art - How They Heal

The benefits of dancing, performing music and creating artwork are well documented.


Dancing improves heart and lung capacity. It improves muscle strength, tone and endurance. It also serves to increase confidence and lowers stress levels.

Performing music improves memorization mastery, mathematical abilities and physical dexterity. It also relieves stress and even enhances the respiratory system.

Stress relief (a common theme) is achieved through creating art. Additional benefits of art include increasing the brain’s connectivity and plasticity. Dementia patients specifically benefit through art as it improves cognitive abilities while decreasing agitation.

These benefits and hundreds more are easily associated with the physical act of directly participating in the performing arts summarized above. There are numerous benefits however, that are gained through the seemingly more passive spectating of these activities as well.


Listening to music is scientifically proven to also lower stress and improve sleep. Mood elevation is experienced and depression is reduced. Therapeutic music reduces physical pain as neurotransmitters responsible for “feeling good” (dopamine) are released.

Art and health are primarily linked through the stress relief abilities art exploration offers the mind and the body. The area of the brain related to thoughtful observation is triggered when we view art. As with music, pleasant feelings are experienced while thought revision is also occurring. The brain is processing without stress.

Watching dance includes its own special mental and physical benefits. Like viewing art, dance observation sparks the brain to take in beauty and specific scenes without purposeful intent. The audience member enjoys the sight of movements while unintentionally giving the brain a creative and non-stressful workout.

The performing arts experience that offers even more advantages is when it is observed live. Video and recorded performances certainly offer the many benefits described above. However, there is no substitute for the personal connection an audience feels with live performers. Feelings of empathy and a person’s ability to understand how others think and feel are reinforced through live performance.

What Lotus Offers

The Lotus Outreach incorporates all of the benefits of performing, creating, observing and interacting with our audiences. We offer these performances on site to make them accessible to a much broader population, especially those who are unable or uncomfortable leaving their safe space.

We train and educate our student volunteer performers so that their own talents and abilities are continuously improving. Our performers and volunteers are empathetic, loving and open minded. 

We customize our performances so that our target audience members also continue to improve physically and mentally long after we leave them.

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Donations Appreciated

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Donations go directly to The Lotus Outreach to educate and equip volunteers to bring the joy of the arts to those that can not otherwise have the experience.


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Please reach out if your community would like to see what we can bring to you or if you are interested in becoming an Outreach performer. 

The Lotus Outreach

3752 Pleasant Plains Road, Matthews, North Carolina 28104, United States